This section presents the beneficiaries for two of the basic procedures for acquiring Greek citizenship, the second generation citizenship and the naturalization of foreigners.

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Second generation citizenship:

  • Those who have been born in Greece and have enrolled in the first grade of elementary school
  • Those who have successfully attended a Greek School in Greece, either in 9 grades of primary and secondary education or in 6 grades of secondary education
  • Those who have a Greek High School diploma and have graduated from a Greek University or TEI

Naturalization of foreigners:

  • Third-country nationals with long-term residence permits, after 7 years of legal residence
  • Beneficiaries of international protection (refugees and subsidiary protection) and with a residence permit for humanitarian reasons, after 7 years of legal residence
  • Third country nationals who are members of a Greek family, after 7 years of legal residence or 3, if they have had a child with the Greek citizen
  • Third-country nationals with other types of residence permits, after 12 years of legal residence
  • Citizens of Member States of the European Union and citizens of Member States of the European Free Trade Association, after 3 years of permanent residence